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Bad News/Good News

Hello and Happy New Year to all of our fantastic readers out there. I have some good news and some bad news to bring you for this 2012 (I guess the supposed apocalypse was an omen).

Bad news first:

Due to an unfortunate computer falling off desk accident and the hard drive being completely destroyed in the fall, the editors of Cuke & Sew have made the very long and hard decision to go on a permanent print hiatus. We still have issues for sale in our etsy store (except for the first, we sold out of that one!) And you can still find them in stores around NC (see our about page for information on distributors).

On to the good news:

Our website is getting a revamp! Yes, you read that correctly. Ashley is currently working with Emily Brown of sixbyeight magazine based out of Brooklyn, NY to bring you a fantabulous new website that will be consistently updated with new posts about food, DIY, local info and much much more!

2012 is a huge year for the editors of Cuke & Sew and as we all make our way into the wide world to go on our own new adventures. So be sure to check out our new website to get updates from James in Korea (south, not the north), Ashley’s new cookbook project with her roommates (it’s the best combination of music playlists while cooking and then pairing the best movies with meals and an accompanying drinking game for said movie), as well as River’s updates about her new store located in the gallery space in the front of the artscenter.

So as we make the transition into the 21st century (I guess we finally had to give up our archaic old-fashioned ways) you’ll still have the same old Cuke & Sew, just not as you once knew it.

Thanks again to all of our loyal readers!

PS: To go along with the good news/bad news, here is a link to a blind pug being guided by another pug (IT COMES FULL CIRCLE)




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