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D.I.Y. Wednesday- Shredded Tee-shirt How-to

Halloween is really just around the corner and I’ve already started dreaming up the perfect outfit to put the night away with.  Here is a simple, yet mysterious looking D.I.Y. project- how to deconstruct a tradition knit tee-shirt.

-Start with a tee that you’re okay with messing up on- it takes patience and practice to get this technique really stylized.

-Cut the bottom of your tee so you have a raw edge ( or you can use a seamripper to open up the bottom hem of a tee)

-From this raw edge start picking apart the knit until you’ve got an unraveling going on.  Once you get going it really gets additive so don’t get carried away!  Shredding just a panel is ideal, since the knit structure is made in columns, you don’t have to worry around shredding it out of that space.

-Care- It’s a wear and never wash kinda thing! Or you can fill a bowl with some soap and gently swish your garment around, rinse it gently with cold water and hang to dry.  DO NOT wash in the machine!

Check out this in-depth tutorial by Outsapop Trashion Blog

More inspirational images  on all the variety of ways you can deconstruct your knitted goodies from Riverbasin Outfitters….

Camo Tee deconstructed

Striped Sweater deconstructed

Army Green Crop Top

Gray Jersey Dress

And more avant garde inspirations….

Shredded blocking


Layered look


Super Stretchy


Here at Cuke & Sew we are planning our next October/ Halloween issue.  Keep an eye out at the local distributors in the first weeks of October for food and fashion inspirations. xox riv



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