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Hand To Hand, Greensboro

This weekend you could have found Ashley and James-Cuke&Sew Editors- and River of Riverbasin Outfitters (also DIY Contributor of Cuke) at the Hand to Hand Craft Market in Greensboro, NC.  In a beautiful apartment above The Green Bean a craft market was a brewing.  See the pictures of some of the other vendors around us!

Find us this weekend at the Orange County Artisan Market (OCAM) at the Nightlight bar and club from 12noon-5pm on Rosemary Street in Chapel Hill, NC.  We’ll have sample DIY items and food for sale to raise money for printing costs!  If you can’t make it- be sure to support by buying a new issue coming out April 1st!  The April/May 2011 Issue will be in stores by April 7th, please look for our blue covers!

James and Ashley-Cuke&Sew Editors

Screen Printed Patches and Buttons

Collaged Post Cards (DIY feat. in Dec. 2010 issue)

Riverbasin Outfitters Booth

Lace Cut Out Crop Top by Riverbasin Outfitters

Other artist at the market…

Remade glassware by Zeke

Jordan and her Adorable illustrations

I had to get one of the moveable paper dolls!

Love these crocheted hair ties by Knit, Knot 'n Sew

Bike Greensboro, NC Tee by Flytrap


all photos taken by RiverTC



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