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Making a Photo Valentine

Tomorrow is the biggg day!  Yeah- bite me- I have super plans to help the ladies of Roulette Vintage move out of their beloved store front on Main Street in Carrboro.

Since many of you may be scrambling for a last minute gift, you still have time to make Valentine’s!!  I hope all my friends and family are okay with receiving their cards at the end of the week…it is the thought that counts after all!

The idea is simple- take a photograph!  Here are some suggestions and how-tos I’ve wrangled up on the good ol’ interent– enjoy!

1- Light Art- Simple.  Go outside tonight- set up your camera, adjust it to a long exposure (10-20 sec).  Find a flash  light.  Using the self timer, draw a heart or message in the darkness.  1-hour photo print.

heart light

heart light 2

2- Make a Heart Bokeh for your camera- relatively simple.


You’ll need a Large Aperture Lens, paper, scissors…See this very straight forward video below:

or you can make a video for your love, see this great video:






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